Ransomware rewritten destroy files and mine cryptocurrency

Cybercriminals seem to be shifting away from ransomware; mining cryptocurrency instead.  They have re-purposed file-encrypting malware into something which now highjacks computers for mining purposes.  According to some sources, the code conversation doesn’t appear to have gone smoothly because the coinminer is also a file infector which prevents applications from working and destroys files. The […]

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Atlanta hit by ransomware

SamSam ransomware said to be cause of this attack on the City of Atlanta. In this case, servers were susceptible to a Java exploit.  Furthermore, there was an earlier exploit last year that didn’t seem to make mainstream news. In addition to keeping systems updated, keep in mind there are firewalls that block ransomware, viruses, […]

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Chrome’s Ad Blocker Went Live Today

Back in June 2017, Google published that they were working on a built-in ad blocker for Chrome. In partnership with Google, the Coalition for Better Ads defined what “intrusive advertising” looks like to consumers and will be enforcing the new standards effective TODAY, February 15. By enforcing the new standards, Google will be able to prevent the outright […]

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‘Ransomware’ Added to Oxford English Dictionary

Ransomware, n.: A type of malicious software designed to block access to applications or files on a computer system until a sum of money is paid. The dictionary also explains common forms of ransomware are designed to encrypt users’ data and show a message threatening to permanently delete it, or publish it online, if the ransom isn’t […]

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Could you get HACKED?

I’m pretty sure there is too much content in most newsletters for most of our schedules. Many of our articles tend to pertain to security with tips and why firewalls that are monitored and managed are important. However, I would suggest for the very same reason that most business managers/owners are on information overload and the […]

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Microsoft Major Announcements Today

This morning had huge opening from Microsoft.  Here are the exciting announcements: New Holograph Gaming — More features to unlock the gaming era with futuristic technology previously only seen in movies. New Microsoft Band — Track Golf swings, calories, sleep and your mountain climbing (yes, a barometer).  Use your laptop to dig in and get more […]

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