Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions

Get it built right with wireless “blueprints”

Just like a house or an office building structure, there should be a plan in which you know the expected outcome for wireless. TTJ can perform a site survey to let you know what’s existing and what needs to be deployed to avoid poor wireless performance. We find that most people buy a wireless router off the shelf and install it without knowing what else is lurking around in the air. Secondly, when multiple wireless access points are installed within one organization, they should work together. Off-the-shelf units are not designed to work together and can cause worse performance. The following graphs show a real world analysis that we used to design and install a campus wireless system, knowing how it was going to perform.

spectrum 1
Existing 2.4GHz Spectrum Analysis
spectrum 2
Existing 5 GHz Spectrum Analysis

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Wireless for Public Internet Access

This is a great solution for RV parks, hotel/motels, campgrounds, or anywhere you wish to add public internet access. Internet access is a must-have for many travelers and a would-like-to-have for many more. Meraki and CheckBox are wireless units which allow you to offer your guests wireless internet connectivity throughout your facility or just in certain areas, and does it economically.  The systems have built-in bridging to extend the reach into non-wired areas.  Meraki and CheckBox are powerful routers that can manage hundreds of both wireless and wired clients simultaneously.  The on-board access management system, Ticket Manager, allows you to control who can use your internet connection and for how long.

Meraki and CheckBox are simple integrated solutions that allows you to provide controlled internet access to your customers and guests.  They are each a one-box solution that requires no special training to use and are very easy to manage.

You can offer internet access to your guests without spending a large amount on equipment or contracts.  You have control how long users have access and at what price.  You can even give internet access away free as a value-added incentive for your customers and guests.  Meraki and CheckBox are compatible with most Internet Service Providers, including cable, DSL and satellite.  Complete systems start at a very, low competitive price.  As an Authorized Dealer, TTJ NetCom provides professional installation and consulting to make sure your solution is done right. We take the guesswork out of computer load, coverage area, and access management and bandwidth management.

Wireless for Indoor Secured Private and Public Access

Whether you’re adding wireless into an existing network or deploying a new wireless network from the ground up, security is your number one concern. Our solution makes wireless networking secure, simple and affordable with a secure distributed wireless solution.

Using multi-radio (IEEE 802.11a/b/g and 802.11b/g/ac) with optional Wave 2 technology, the distributed access points provide secure wireless LAN connectivity to users on the network as well as other wireless zones to separate public access from private systems. Utilizing the Virtual Access Point (VAP) feature, the access points can broadcast distinct SSIDs with dedicated authentication and privacy settings while sharing the same physical infrastructure.

Access points require no independent pre-configuration, as they are centrally configured, managed and updated by our cloud controller. Additional access points and switches automatically connect to the cloud controller and adopt the security policies for all wired and wireless traffic. This provides airtight wireless mobility for employees as well as secure Internet access for guests throughout the network.

Access Point Benefits

  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g, 802.11b/g/ac, 802.11ac Wave 2 MU‑MIMO and 802.11AC Wave2 Quad-Radio options
  • Up to 1 GB and 10 GB wireless (shared)
  • Up to 1000 clients per AP
  • Secure wireless roaming
  • Comprehensive wired and wireless security
  • Low TCO
  • Granular security policy enforcement
  • Multiple SSID support
  • Rogue access point detection
  • Integrated wireless guest services