Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services

Focus on managing your business, not your computer network.

What are “Managed Services”?

Our expert technicians monitor and maintain the health and reliability of your computers and network remotely, acting immediately, 24/7, to fix any problems that arise – 93% of the time without ever needing to come to your site!

  • Many problems are prevented entirely.
  • Previously time-consuming chores handled for you include:
    • Security and virus sweeps, monitoring, patching, firewall maintenance
    • Verifying data backups
    • Optimizing computer performance
    • Network, hub, switches, and network device management
    • Software and driver updates
    • And more!
  • Most problems that arise are fixed for you, remotely, at no additional charge.

It’s in our interest to make sure you experience fewer IT problems, not more, unlike traditional technical and repair services that charge you exorbitant hourly rates.

T-CARE Managed Services Give You

  • The assurance of knowing your system is being expertly monitored and managed 24/7.
  • Freedom for you and your staff to focus on your business.
  • Greatly reduced hassles and expenses from computers being down.
  • Fewer disruptions since most services are performed for you overnight and remotely.
  • Predictable monthly budgeting.
  • Prompt Help Desk support – including for Microsoft and 3rd party applications.
  • Management Reports delivered monthly so that you can actually see what’s being done to maintain your network. Click here to see a sample report.
  • The refreshing experience of receiving truly complete, caring service from certified, expert, IT professionals who understand business.
  • Real-time, interactive dashboard that shows network status, computer health, and ticket status

T-CARE Customers Save:

  • Time
  • IT headaches
  • The expense of hiring their own IT department
  • Irreplaceable data
  • Sky-high hourly repair and support fees
  • Being surprised by unexpected add-on charges from their current provider

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