Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Most small businesses that experience catastrophic data loss are out of business within 12 months! Would your business be one of them? What would it cost your business if you couldn’t access your data for even a day or two? Consider these facts:

  • Most small businesses that experience catastrophic data loss thought they were adequately protected.
  • Most small businesses either don’t have backup systems at all, or what they have could be destroyed by something as simple as a power, hard drive, or server failure!
  • Most backups fail to recreate data, systems, and software adequately.
  • Most backups would not work as expected – if at all.
  • Many backup systems would not survive a disaster that destroys the building that houses them.

Don’t gamble with the life and health of your business!  It’s vital that every organization have a complete, reliable, and tested backup and disaster recovery system in place. It’s simple: With TTJ NetCom you never worry about your important data again – even if you’re not a computer expert.

TTJ uses Siris technology – the only backup and disaster recovery solution that delivers:

  • Full remote management
  • Instant off-site virtualization
  • True backup verification

The TTJ Recovery Service Difference

The Siris technology TTJ uses is new and dramatically simplifies data backup and recovery, making exceptional, formerly high-end features like instant off-site virtualization and true verification of backups easy.

  • Access your backup instantly from virtual machine images that can be on-site or in our secure data centers.
  • After each backup a test is performed automatically to confirm success. You even get an email with a screenshot of the virtual machine to confirm your ability to access and restore instantly  from that backup. Click here to see a sample screenshot verification of backup.

No matter what, with TTJ you can access your data and get back to work as soon as you access any computer! It doesn’t get simpler or more secure than that!

If You Care About the Technical Stuff, Prepare To Be Impressed…

Our Backup and Recovery Service is Loaded with Features:

  • Certificate-based authentication
  • Powerful scheduling
  • Enhanced security
  • Detailed reporting
  • Improved deduplication
  • Multiple domain support
  • Automatic retry/repair of failed backups
  • Improved network transfer performance
  • Lower CPU overhead
  • Disk I/O scheduling
  • Licensing controls

TTJ’s T-Care eStorage Service includes:

  • Secure, off-site, file-level, block-based incremental backups
  • Unlimited historical versioning
  • 256-bit AES / 3072-bit RSA crypto
  • Instant web-based access to data
  • Data recovery wizard
  • Mapped-drive support
  • Exchange and SQL Server backup (Select package)
  • Backup of open files (Select package)
  • Encrypted preload to USB
  • Bandwidth shaping: on/off hours
  • Audit trail and disk usage reports
  • Win98/2k/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7, Linux (2.6 kernel), OSX Support
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Back Up Your Computer

And For Homes & Home Offices – Backblaze

  • Online encrypted backup for desktops, laptops, and home computers (PCs and Macs)
  • Very simple to use and get started
  • Get all your data backed up securely, and you choose to hold the master key
  • Online backup for only $5/month per computer for unlimited data storage*
  • Click here to start your FREE trial!

*4 GB maximum file size. Does not back up applications. Receive your FREE Backup Needs Analysis; fill in the form on this page. Click here or call to get started today!