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Sony's 4K Surveillance
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Sony’s 4K surveillance– unveiling, Spring 2015
4K delivers four times the pixels of Full HD to utterly transform the world of digital imaging. And Sony should know. They’ve been driving the 4K standard everywhere from the sound stages of Hollywood to the movie theaters to the home. Soon, Sony will be bringing their unsurpassed 4K expertise to digital surveillance. The difference will astound you.

  • Phenomenal coverage area for each camera, enabling fewer cameras to do the job.
  • Enhanced situational awareness and amazing detail – at the same time: see the big picture along with the small clues.
  • Revolutionary after-incident analysis, enabling you to zoom in on areas of interest while still retaining identifying details.

Sony’s 4K is huge. Sony’s 4K is coming. And Sony’s 4K reflects expertise you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Over ten years of Research & Development in 4K.
  • Sony 4K cameras have been used in Hollywood blockbusters, top-rated TV dramas and the biggest baseball, football and soccer championship games.
  • Sony is #1 in movie theater 4K projectors, with over 15,000 installed.
  • Sony is also a leader in 4K consumer products with televisions, camcorders, a movie download service and a 4K home server.

If you thought HD surveillance was a major step forward, prepare yourself for a giant leap. Get ready for 4K surveillance from Sony provided by TTJ NetCom surveillance systems.


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