Microsoft Major Announcements Today

This morning had huge opening from Microsoft.  Here are the exciting announcements:

New Holograph Gaming — More features to unlock the gaming era with futuristic technology previously only seen in movies.

MS-bandcNew Microsoft Band — Track Golf swings, calories, sleep and your mountain climbing (yes, a barometer).  Use your laptop to dig in and get more details about your workouts and golf score from the cloud.

MS-Lumia950cNew Lumina 950 family — New mail client, two new antennas for better connectivity, new Octacore and Hexacore processors, 5.2″ & 5.7″ displays, OLED technology only lights up the pixels needed, Glance screen shows notifications/status without logging in, 20 MP camera, true color triple-LED flash, camera stabilizer, 32 GB base storage plus SD card to expand to 2 TB, USB C high-speed data connector allows lightning fast charging. –Most productive Windows Phone, ever!  Pricing starts at $549.

MS-Lumia950PCcWindows Phone Productivity — You can use Windows Hello facial recognition to unlock phone, but that’s not all… It runs Windows 10 like a PC with independent displays!  With the little USB C adapter with full-featured 3x MS-Lumia950USBUSB ports for drives, keyboard and mouse, DisplayPort and full 1080p HDMI, you can create/edit PowerPoint and/or play movies –On your Phone!! That’s insane!


MS-SurfacePro4cNew Windows Surface Pro 4 — Why do 98% of current Surface Pro 3 users recommend the Pro 3? Because it’s solid, useful and productive!  Competitors are chasing it.  And now the Pro 4 is thinner, lighter, cooler, 6th generation Intel, 16 GB RAM & 1 TB storage, better 12.3″ 5 million pixel LED display.  PixelSense, G5 chipset brings best experience for pen and touch screen available on the planet.  The pen’s battery lasts for a year and the pen and eraser feels natural.  Products likeMS-SurfaceMusicc StaffPad (Music composition software) utilizes the Surface Pro 4’s power of a natural feeling pen and display and transforms writing into digital content. This amazing Pro 4 is 50% faster than the Pro 3!  The dock supports two 4k displays.  The new keyboard is lighter and more sturdy than its predecessor and includes a fingerprint reader.  The track pad is 40% larger.  Pricing starts at $899.

MS-SurfaceBookcNew Microsoft Surface Book — 13.5″ 6 Million pixel screen with dynamic fulcrum hinge, Intel Core i7, with best-in-class key stoke backlit keys that are quiet and comfortable and has a battery life of 12 hours.  With the largest memory & storage and fastest processor in its class, this is for the coder, architect and creative media designer that needs to push the limits of computing.  This is the fastest 13.5″ laptop on the planet today–twice faster than the MacBook Pro.  Modeled after A4 size paper, Microsoft’s first laptop pricing starts at $1499.


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