Could you get HACKED?

I’m pretty sure there is too much content in most newsletters for most of our schedules. Many of our articles tend to pertain to security with tips and why firewalls that are monitored and managed are important. However, I would suggest for the very same reason that most business managers/owners are on information overload and the common non-techie’s eyes glaze over is why folks are prone to a hack, breach, theft, ransomware, or virus of some type. Hackers know the common Joe does not have the technical skills to mitigate the cyber land minds found on social media and “harmless” news sites. I have been hearing one of these statements almost weekly: “I’ve got nothing they want” and “I’m not a big company so they won’t bother me.” Here are my top six facts: 1) Virtually all attacks are automated and don’t care about company size or content; 2) Hackers exploit the easy targets (users) with curiosity and computers without latest updates; 3) Hackers make more money watching what you’re doing (using keyloggers) before they show signs of entry; 4) Hacks and ransomware are VERY big business due to typical lack of security [knowledge] in business; 5) Ransom prices to get your (business) data back is based on how fast your business is losing money while everything is locked-up; and 6) About 60% of businesses who get hacked will go out of business after six months. That last one (6) is from Inc. which has a good article about this. Currently our average business client has approximately 20 viruses and 100 websites blocked each day by one of our firewalls (which have the features to block such things). The price for this kind of insurance is far less than the risk of losing business. If you ever wondered if there is cyber garbage lurking around your business network, check out our SWARM Audit.

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