Adobe Issues Emergency Flash Player Update

I came across a good article to remind us why we need proactive computer/IT people helping with systems in all walks of home and business.  In this scenario Adobe Flash needed updated immediately last Thursday.  This is the number one web-imbedded media player we see being used today.  It’s used by popular websites that stream movies and TV shows and thus are targeted by hackers.  Hackers can hit a very large amount of victims in a single blast.  The toolkits are often rented out in hacker forums and offer a subscription-based model that provides software updates and new exploits.  To confuse users more, there are also fake update notices that look pretty real.  If you get a fake update, then you’ve gone from a risk to now exploited with malware.  TTJ’s T-Care monitoring and maintenance service provides the real updates as soon a they are available without worrying about getting the right one and how.  We push the updates in the background and at night so that it does not interfere with productivity.  Since we don’t use the typical updaters their is no chance of a “fake” updater.  In this scenario, we pushed the Adobe update Thursday afternoon, same day, to all T-Care subscribers.

Web-based attacks rose 23 percent in 2013 and were projected to have had a similar increase last year, according to Symantec data. A wide variety of toolkits include exploits targeting flaws in Java, Internet Explorer and Flash, according to the Symantec report.

“The vast majority of infections that occur through Web attack toolkits are spam-relays, compromised websites and malvertisments,” Symantec said in its 2014 Internet Threat Report. “None of these techniques are new, pointing again to the fact that age-old techniques continue to reap rewards for attackers.”

Oracle’s Java had the highest number of reported plug-in vulnerabilities in 2013, according to Symantec’s data. Adobe, which has been adding sandboxing technology to Flash, Reader and Acrobat, had not been as impacted possibly due to the protections.


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